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Parent: 10 Do’s and Don’ts for Back-To-School Night

10 Do’s and Don’ts for Back-To-School Night

  1. DO show up on time.

  2. DON’T assume kids are welcome. Call the school beforehand and ask.

  3. DO turn off your cell phone. All the way off. (You know this, by now, right?)

  4. DO personally introduce yourself to the teacher to put a name with the face. Even if you have to wait a minute, this face-to-face meeting is important.

  5. DON’T go into specifics about your child. But do quickly say that you have high expectations for your child’s behavior and academic performance and look forward to working with the teacher.

  6. DO ask questions. If there is an opportunity to ask a question, keep it general. One that will take the discussion in a positive direction is,”What do you think our kids will most enjoy learning this year and why?”

  7. DO share your expertise and ways you are willing to support the teacher. Perhaps write it down ahead of time and pass it along to him. Or send it in a follow-up text or email. Think broadly. If you’re a carpenter or a gardener or small business owner --say it. You never know what expertise a school may be able to use.

  8. DO give feedback on the format and effectiveness of Back-to-School Night. Be honest and helpful. If the school doesn’t have a feedback form, give your feedback in an email to the teacher and the principal.

  9. DO send a follow up text or email. Thank the teacher for her time, make sure she has your contact information and tell her how you prefer to communicate in the future.

  10. DON’T go home and friend your child’s teacher on Facebook.  

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