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The Three Most Important Questions to Ask on Back-to-School Night

Establishing a personal relationship with your child’s teacher is the single most important thing you can do to help your child do well in school. Here are a couple of important questions that can start that very important relationship off on the right foot.

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Stop the School Envy and Create the Schools You Want

Do you sometimes feel school envy? For example, when you talk to friends whose kids go to school in another state or district or even other classrooms do you think, I wish my kids could do that!

Well, could your kids do that? What’s stopping your child from having a great school experience? Many times the difference between a fine school and great school, is not so much geography as parental input and support.

The Teacher Asked You To Read With Your Child—5 Tips for How To Do That

Knowing how to support a young reader is not complicated but it's also not something we are born knowing how to. Most of us can't remember learning to read so it's helpful to have some tips of things you can do to help your child become a better reader.

Help Your Child Become a Reader

If you’ve ever watched a child learn how to read, it seems magical. One day they are struggling through letters and sounding out words and the next they are reading full sentences.

But it isn’t really magic. It’s actually a complex process that can be boiled down to two parts of reading comprehension. The first is the technical part of it--the letters and the sounds they make. The second part is vocabulary and understanding what the words mean when all the letters are put together.

And, as a parent, you naturally help your kids develop both parts of the reading process. You may not even know you’re doing it! 

Having Difficult Conversations With Your Child's Teacher (with texting templates)

It takes some masterful people skills, for sure. And the emotions can run high. This is your kid we’re talking about! But there are specific things you can do before, during and after the conversation to help it be more successful.

Are Home Visits Right for Our School Community?

Basically most objections to home visits boil down to this: time and fear. The way that the Parent Teacher Home Visit Project answers these objections is simple—ask the teachers and parents who have done it.

What Does Parent Engagement Look Like in High School?

As adolescents push and pull toward autonomy, there can be a lot of friction, especially around school, friends and time management. Sometimes, as parents, we can misinterpret this a reason to NOT be involved, to let our children figure it out on their own. But, in fact, research has shown that parent involvement at every level of school is important and will positively impact student achievement.

Celebrate the End of the Year!

Even though summer is knocking on your door, it’s worth it to take a minute or two to formally button up the school year. Here’s how...

Making Homework Worth the Effort

Before you give up on homework all together, let me tell you, there is a way to transform homework from busywork into a very important learning opportunity.

Rescue Homework Time!

At its best, homework can give you important insight to what and how your child is doing in school. It can also help instill some important life skills.  But this doesn’t just happen. Traditional homework and traditional attitudes about homework won’t make it happen. But things are about to change and you are about to rescue homework time!


Let's Talk. 

Want to talk about a personalized plan for you? I work with parents, families and community leaders to create productive and strong partnerships with their local schools. Let's talk.

Do one thing now.

Did you know you can start today? Here is a list of simple, specific actions you can take right now. Give 5 minutes of your time to build a relationship that may change the school experience of your child forever. Not a bad trade off. 


The Teen Brain

Our brains don’t come with an owner’s manual, which is a real shame. And surely neuroscience cannot be reduced to “if/then” statements. But it’s worth thinking about a teen's brain in light of her biological development.

Welcoming Parents Who Don't Speak English Into Your School Community

Here at Building the Bridge, one of our core beliefs is that both educators AND families create the schools that children attend. It takes ALL the adults, in the schools and in homes working together to create a school where ALL children are seen for who they are, cared for, challenged, and supported.

And the place you can start--with other families.

Sick of Fundraising? Support Your School Like This Instead

As a parent you are part-consumer, part-partner, part-cheerleader of the school. You cannot fulfill any of those roles very efficiently if you don’t give the school some feedback on how they are doing.

What is an IEP and Does My Child Need One?

Not sure if your child needs extra support or extra challenge? Here are some things to keep in mind.

The Best Way to Support Your Child’s Education

In my conversation with her, Ms. Henderson summed it up by saying that establishing a personal relationship with your child’s teacher is the single most important thing you can do to help your child do well in school. From preschool to high school graduation, kids who have parents who talk to their teachers do better in school. 


10 Tips for Back-to-School Night

Before you go to Back-to-School Night, read this list of the 10 Do's and Don'ts


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