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Reader questions

Reader questions


How do we keep parents engaged after 4th or 5th grade? There seems to be a big drop off.

This is a tough one and I want to tackle it in more depth with an article (coming soon!) 

To begin with, you might read the What Does Parent Engagement in High School Look Like? article to get some ideas about what parent engagement with older kids looks like.

Secondly, I think it's worth thinking about the different ways parents are "engaged" with a school. The US Department of Education has created this Dual Capacity-Building Framework for Family-School Partnerships

On this you will see that schools who are forming effective partnerships with families have families that are fulfilling several roles. They list:





Decision Makers


It is likely that when kids are in younger grades their parents are mostly supporters, encouragers or monitors. As parents transition out of those roles, they may not see a clear way to transition to the other roles listed (advocate, decision maker or collaborator.) They may not feel effective or even welcome to fulfill one of these roles at your school.

So, as a staff or a school community you might sit down and really think about what roles you want parents to play in the school, how you can communicate that desire, and how you can support the parents so they fulfill those roles successfully. I'm here to help. 

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