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SAMPLE Family Engagement Surveys

SAMPLE Paperless

Family Engagement Surveys

Asking for feedback cultivates relational trust with families and encourages them to be full partners. Paperless surveys are a great way to get feedback.

Personalize these surveys on a separate web page, with a private link just for your school community. Then you will have the results on a excel spreadsheet (that's a sample). Fill out this email form to get started.

SAMPLE Communicating with Families Survey

If you would like to personalize and use this survey with your school community, let me know.


Hello. How Are Our Communication Skills?

I prefer to get school NEWS and ANNOUNCEMENTS through: *
(You may check more than one)
I prefer to get INFORMATION ABOUT WHAT my child’s class is doing, including homework, examples of student work, and celebrations, through:
(You may check more than one)
I prefer to get UPDATES about how MY CHILD is doing in class via: *
(you may check more than one)

SAMPLE Family Engagement Events Survey

We Want Your Ideas on Our Family Engagement Events

(Fill out form for one child only)
What are some reasons you DID NOT attend some family engagement events? *
(you may check more than one)
One way the school could improve attendance at family engagement events is to…
Please check one: *
Topics of Interest *
I’d likely attend an activity with the following topic(s): (check all that apply)
Extras *
I’m more likely to attend family engagement activities if they include: (you may check more than one)

SAMPLE Deciding Between On-Going Support or Parent University Survey

Please Help Us Make A Big Decision

Coming soon!


SAMPLE Teacher and Staff Family Engagement Survey


All Hands on Deck!

Coming soon!