bridging the gap between home and school
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Family engagement is the secret ingredient to academic achievement.



We want to help you engage the families in your school community.

Featured Article: What Does Parent Engagement Look Like in High School?

Look a little deeper at what’s going on in high schools. Watch the way parents text and “friend” their children on social media. Look at all the parents at sporting events or band concerts, or listen to the conversations happening at home around kitchen tables — What colleges are you thinking about? Don’t stay up too late working on that history project — and you can see that parent engagement in high school is there. It just looks different than in elementary and middle school.

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Are Home Visits Right for Our School Community?

Basically most objections to home visits boil down to this: time and fear. The way that Parent Teacher Home Visit answers these objections is simple—ask the teachers and parents who have done it.

Invite Parents to Do Classroom Observations

“When you invite parents to do observations the whole climate of the school changes from a closed door atmosphere to an open partnership based on mutual respect.”

Effectively Using Parents in IEP Meetings

Successful IEP aren’t flowers that spring up from nowhere. Instead they bloom in the fertile soil of a culture of understanding and respect in the larger school culture.

The Three Must Do's of Back-to-School Night

You parents to walk away with the understanding that their child is going to be learning and doing in your classroom.


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